Tamiya TT

The TT class is aimed at the first time racer and racer looking to race on a budget.

The formula for this class is simple. You race a Tamiya TT-02 (or similar) with minimal modifications. The cars all run the same tyres and motors, with the same internal gearing. This ensures a level playing field for all competitors.

The club has 3 TT rental cars available for new racers to try. These cars are free to use for first time racers! You don't need to do anything other than turn up on the day!

For information on getting started with your Tamiya TT see our TT-02 Getting Started Page

Touring Cars

The most popular form of on road rc racing in Australia.

At its simplest, the Touring car classes utilises an AWD chassis, a 2S Lipo battery and either a 4 door sedan style or 2 door coupe body shell.

Touring Cars can be raced in 3 different RCRA sanctioned classes. Sportsman (21.5), Stock (13.5) and Modified.

We race touring cars at both our indoor and out door meetings at Kambah.


GT12 is our close easy racing 1/12th chassis class. Although there are “GT12” purpose built chassis on the market that use different rear wheels, we have opted for the standard rear wheels you would find on most 1/12th cars, this makes converting that old car into a GT12 beast all the easier, however we do ask that those rear wheels stay inside the the GT12 body that’s cut to the mould lines (no slamming).

GT12 cars are amazingly well suited to our indoor carpet track. For more information on running your GT12 at indoor please see our GT12 Information Page

1/12th Pan Cars

1/12th RC racing is one of the oldest forms of RC racing, dating back to the 1960's.

The cars are smaller than the more common 1/10th scale Touring Car. Equipped with a rear wheel drive chassis and a modified spec or 13.5 Stock motor these cars represent the pinnacle of 2wd On Road racing.

The 1/12th class is governed by the RCRA. We race regularly race 1/12 13.5 LMP cars at our indoor carpet track.


Very much like a XXL version of a 1/12th scale car, Pro10 offers a similar experience. Also, like 1/12th, Pro10 is one of the oldest classes of On Road RC racing.

A Pro10 chassis looks very similar to a 1/12th how ever due to the larger size of the car is slightly easer to drive.

We run a very simple rule set for Pro10 at our Club races:

Motor - 10.5 Brushless (non-boosted)

Battery - 2S Lipo (Hardcase)

Recently Pro10 is not a widely raced category in Australia, however if you want to run a pro 10 on our Kambah circuit, we will find a spot for you to race

Formula 1

Replicating the precision of open wheel racing the Formula 1 class is based around a 2WD open wheel chassis.

The cars use a 21.5 turn brushless motor, a blinky ESC with a 2S battery.

Formula 1 is more well suited to racing at our indoor carpet track. The combination of 2wd and rubber tyres make these a real challenge on our asphalt track

More information about RC Formula 1 can be found here.