2021 RCRA Nationals Entry
4th to the 7th of November 2021
ACT Model Car Racing Club:
Kett St
It's important to note that COVID-19 restrictions can change on a daily basis. Provided the ACT itself does not go into lockdown the ACT Titles will go ahead as planned on the advertised date.
Interstate competitors are subject to whatever restrictions that are in place at the time of the Titles. Please observe these for your own and the wellbeing of your fellow racers.
Link to the ACT COVID-19 page:

It is mandatory to check in at the track each day using the Check-In-CBR app.
November 4th: Practice
November 5th: Practice/Seeding
November 6th: Qualifying
November 7th: Finals
Timing will be available on both days.
Practice tyres may be available from the club but we recommend competitors acquire tyres before arrival.
Demo Class
ISTC 21.5 Touring Cars
ISTC 13.5 Touring Cars
ISTC Modified Touring Cars
LMP 13.5 1/12th
LMP Modified 1/12th
Race Fees:
A. First Class: $40
B. Second Class: $25
C. Tyres: $45
D. Wurth: $15
E. Shop Towel: $5
F. Hire Motor: $20
How to calculate your entry fee:
A + B + (qty x C) + D + E + F = Entry Fee
Please EFT your entry fee to the club using the below details:
BSB: 633-000
Acct. No.: 167847557
Place your name in the comments field.