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Friday, November 17, 2017

Fastest Times of Day

EPIC Sportsman
Name Status Fastest Lap
Ian Carswell M 14.426
Thomas Carswell J 15.523
Name Status Fastest Lap
Ian Carswell M 15.610
Daniel Hamers M 16.569
Daniel Lance M 16.638
Kambah TT-02
Name Status Fastest Lap
Daniel Hamers M 15.108
Ian Carswell M 15.472
Daniel Lance M 15.894
Andrew Walker M 16.225
Thomas Carswell J 17.356
Jarod Carswell J 18.017
Lachlan Musladin X 28.280
EPIC Sportsman (6 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Ian Carswell M 22/6m16.613s
Thomas Carswell J 22/6m22.925s
EPIC M-CHASSIS (6 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Daniel Lance M 22/6m7.918s
Ian Carswell M 22/6m7.963s
Daniel Hamers M 21/6m14.823s
Kambah TT-02 (6 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Daniel Hamers M 23/6m10.174s
Ian Carswell M 23/6m13.953s
Daniel Lance M 22/6m7.381s
Thomas Carswell J 21/6m10.260s
Andrew Walker M 20/6m4.093s
Jarod Carswell J 17/6m3.899s
Lachlan Musladin X 8/5m54.024s

Results of All Rounds
EPIC Sportsman
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Combined
1st Ian Carswell (TQ) M 21/6m1.530s 22/6m16.613s 19/6m6.242s(10) 21/6m10.926s(10) 20
2nd Thomas Carswell (Q2) J 20/6m1.344s 22/6m22.925s 15/6m18.100s(9) 21/6m11.134s(9) 18
* Final dropped
Pos Name Qual Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Final Leg 1 Final Leg 2 Combined
1st Ian Carswell (Q2) M 20/6m1.492s 18/5m58.365s 16/6m14.787s(9) 22/6m7.963s(9) 18
2nd Daniel Lance (Q3) M 20/6m5.327s 18/5m55.714s 15/6m12.681s(8) 22/6m7.918s(10) 18
3rd Daniel Hamers (TQ) M 21/6m14.823s 18/5m55.235s 16/6m10.215s(10) 0/0m0.000s(0) 10
* Final dropped
Kambah TT-02
Pos Name Status Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Combined
1st Daniel Lance M 21/6m13.019s(3)* 21/5m54.856s(1)* 22/6m7.381s(3)* 20/6m12.439s(2)* 0
2nd Daniel Hamers M 6/6m10.798s(6)* 21/5m54.892s(2)* 23/6m10.174s(1)* 0/0m0.000s(7)* 0
3rd Andrew Walker M 20/6m4.093s(4)* 14/4m8.493s(4)* 18/5m37.126s(4)* 20/6m12.053s(1)* 0
4th Thomas Carswell J 21/6m10.260s(1)* 13/5m52.326s(6)* 12/5m59.765s(6)* 18/5m59.422s(4)* 0
5th Ian Carswell M 21/6m12.875s(2)* 19/5m20.671s(3)* 23/6m13.953s(2)* 20/6m16.017s(3)* 0
6th Jarod Carswell J 11/6m1.610s(5)* 14/5m24.465s(5)* 14/6m1.692s(5)* 17/6m3.899s(5)* 0
7th Lachlan Musladin X 5/5m10.384s(7)* 7/5m55.031s(7)* 8/5m54.024s(7)* 0/0m0.000s(7)* 0
*Heat dropped