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Our formal classes for Indoors are M-Chassis, F1, 21.5 Touring Cars and Stock Touring Cars.  In addition we also run a Novice classes and a drift class.


If your new to racing and are not sure which class your car fits into, come along anyway and we will slot you into the most appropriate group.


Probably one of the key requirements for racing indoors is tyres.  We race on carpet tiles with foam tyres, rather than rubber tyres.

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Indoor On-Road Electric Powered

We hold our Indoor On Road meetings on the 3rd Friday of each month at Exhibition Park in Canberra.  These race meetings are for 1/10th Electric powered on road cars such as Touring Cars, F1's and Mini's.  We also have a Novice class for beginners...

Drivers Championship

The drivers Championship comprises 6 race meetings, the best four count.


A race meetings comprises a number of qualifing rounds and finals, normaly two or three.  Points are allocated for where you finish in each finals (if three finals are run, the best two count).


These points are used to determine the finishing results for each meeting.


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